Privacy Policy: Apps and watch faces by Datyell Close

This Privacy Policy was last updated on October 16, 2022.

Who I am

Datyell Close is an individual developing apps and watch faces (clock faces) for purchase online, based in California, United States of America. Website address is: All legal inquiries are to occur under the Court of California, United States.

My apps and watch faces do not collect your data

My apps and watch faces do not collect data. My apps for Fitbit OS require internet in order to complete the purchase process. In summary, information accessed by my apps such as health data (steps, heart rate, etc.), geolocation data, and data from watch face complications are not collected. This information is simply used to display the information in the watch face or app.

My approach to analytics and data

Instead of using analytics tools in my apps (that you may find with other app developers), I simply use data provided by the Google Play Console (for my apps for Wear OS), KiezelPay (for my apps for Fitbit), and website traffic. This information helps me understand the popularity of my apps and watch faces, the approximate user base size, the smartwatch models people use, and the sales of my apps by country. I also highly appreciate user feedback and feature suggestions. You may contact me at